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The largest international airport in the Baltic states

Architecture studio, specializing in luxury residences and commercial interiors

A historic craft brewery making a comeback

Category-leading real estate property listing tech company

Natural, whole-food snack bars and cookies, free from artificial additives and "wonders" of food technology

A collection of iconic gifts and simple, well-made products beloved by people of Riga and guests from and near

Pioneering audio calibration technology and hardware solution

An independent family brewery crafting great beer for festive occasions

Leading painting supplier and finishing service provider in the Baltics

Digital commerce agency for customized digital solutions

The comforting shelter for the families whose children have been admitted to the Children's Clinical University Hospital

Artisan crafted sparkling juice beverages with pristine flavors from Latvian gardens

Leading cargo pallet component manufacturer

Effortless moving and delivery service provider

The chips so good you will want to have another one

100-year-old family-owned publishing and bookstore brand

The national public-service radio network of Latvia, broadcasting since 1925

The traditional cookies and snacks made with simple recipes, outstanding quality, 100% natural ingredients

The leading tech and startup event in the Baltics

The National Olympic Team of Latvia

Leading communications and entertainment provider in Latvia

A wearable motion-capture device designed to improve golf swing performance

A natural snack company squeezing every drop of intense fruit flavors to fight boredom

An engaging screen content producer for children, accompanied by music, books, and events

The multifunctional infrastructure complex for sports, culture and leisure

The city located in the Rēzekne River valley in the eastern Latvia, often referred to as the Heart of Latgale.

Everyday Baltic design things made in Riga