Brand strategy, naming, identity system and packaging design for the leading painting supplier and service provider in the Baltics.

KRASO is more than just a leading paint supplier, finishing service provider, and paint manufacturer in the Baltics. They are on a mission to infuse color, creativity, and joy into every aspect of life.

Over two decades, KRASO had been developing and growing, but they faced challenges in their structure. They had created over ten different brands without a clear direction for strategic brand development. As KRASO set its sights on new export markets, it was clear the company needed to organize and elevate its brand to a new level.

That's when they turned to Asketic for help. Together, we defined a clear brand strategy. As a result, a new brand name KRASO (previously "Krāsu serviss") was created, unifying all their brands under one powerful umbrella - KRASO. A new visual identity system was designed with the signature stroke element that could adapt to any environment and communicate its message more effectively. Additionally, the packaging for KRASO paint products was updated to a design that truly resonates with the audience.

Today, KRASO is a true inspiration in the industry, showing that with a clear strategy, creativity, and collaboration, anything is possible.

"Over its successful 20-year history, the company faced structural uncertainties, leading to the creation of 10+ brands. Unfortunately, there was no clear direction for further strategic brand development. With plans to expand into new export markets, it became crucial to reorganize and enhance the brand significantly.

To address this, a well-defined brand strategy was established, resulting in a name change from "Krasu serviss" to "KRASO." Many independent brands were brought together under the strong KRASO brand. Following the design strategy, a versatile visual identity system was developed to adapt to various contexts.

Furthermore, the KRASO paint product brand received a comprehensive makeover, including packaging designed to resonate with the target audience.

In summary, these strategic changes not only simplified the company's brand portfolio but also paved the way for its successful expansion into new export markets."

Kristians Gabalins

Chairman of the Board


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