RIX Riga Airport

Brand upgrade for the largest international airport in the Baltic states

RIX Riga Airport is the largest international airport in the Baltic states and is on a mission to become the go-to travel hub in Northern Europe.

The task was to create a visual brand identity that could compete with the best airports in Europe and be flexible enough to suit the requirements of the airport city with a clear sub-brand structure.

In collaboration with WKND, a strategic research team, we shaped brand strategy & architecture, tagline, design direction, and a revised brand name. A well-defined brand name system was created for all the existing and future sub-brands with a tagline, "Closer than expected," that embodies the unique location of RIX Riga Airport and its emerging airport city.

The essence of RIX brand identity is rooted in a timeless, universally recognizable symbol – the arrow, transcending cultures and languages. The colors of the visual language draw inspiration from the airport's unique location and proximity to green forests, baltic sand beaches, and Riga city culture and business center. Whatever you're looking for, it is closer than you expect.

The brand makeover resulted in a clear plan for visual identity and design guidelines. It includes a flexible design system and online guidelines designed with the daily needs of the RIX marketing team in mind.

"I highly recommend Asketic for their work in brand visual identity development. They delivered high-quality work, paying attention to details at every step of the project. Their collaborative approach reflects their strong values and dedication to delivering the best results."

Linda Kalniņa

Brand Manager

RIX Riga Airport

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