Baltic Block

Brand strategy and identity system for one of the world’s leading cargo pallet component manufacturers.

Baltic Block, one of the world's top cargo pallet component manufacturers, creates exceptional composite blocks and boards that fuel growth for pallet manufacturers in over 30 countries.

In pursuit of becoming the most reliable and dominant player in sustainable pallet component manufacturing, Baltic Block sought Asketic's expertise to design a clear brand strategy and visual identity system that fully reflected their global ambition and long-term vision.

The outcome was a well-defined brand strategy and communication platform articulating Baltic Block's distinctive brand positioning, messaging, and focus. Additionally, a robust brand identity system was designed to showcase Baltic Block's brand presence, whether it be at a manufacturing site, an online platform, or an international exhibition, setting the bar for sustainable pallet component manufacturing.

"Asketic is the best thing that has happened to Baltic Block in recent years!

The guys don't talk too much, but get things done, and they do them thoroughly!"

Eva Skele

Head of Marketing Communications

Baltic Block

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