Brand strategy and identity system for the most ambitious digital commerce agency in the Baltics.

Magebit is a global digital commerce agency. Their clients span 29 countries, from the US to the UK, Canada to Japan, and Thailand to Australia, and their ambitions are just as vast.

In the hyper-competitive global market, Magebit knew that being just another digital agency wouldn't cut it. They were determined to redefine their value proposition and create a brand identity that matched their drive and passion.

Their new strategic direction is nothing short of inspiring: delivering an exceptional customer experience with zero friction. Magebit is now the go-to agency for customized digital solutions that make the impossible possible, thanks to their deep expertise and a bit of magic.

But it's not just about what Magebit can do - it's about who they are. Their brand personality and tone have been carefully crafted to appeal to top-tier clients and new talent. The new visual identity system is both functional and flexible, with a modular layout that adapts to any need. The guiding principles keep Magebit grounded and focused while allowing room for innovation and creativity. At Magebit, there's no limit to what's possible.

"We had a blast revamping our brand identity with Asketic — they nailed our new logo, visual strategy and helped us understand our needs better than we could have on our own!"

Arturs Kruze

Co-Founder, CEO


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