Packaging Design

Pioneering audio calibration technology and hardware solution

A historic craft brewery making a comeback

Natural, whole-food snack bars and cookies, free from artificial additives and "wonders" of food technology

An independent family brewery crafting great beer for festive occasions

Leading painting supplier and finishing service provider in the Baltics

Artisan crafted sparkling juice beverages with pristine flavors from Latvian gardens

The chips so good you will want to have another one

A collection of iconic gifts and simple, well-made products beloved by people of Riga and guests from and near

The traditional cookies and snacks made with simple recipes, outstanding quality, 100% natural ingredients

A natural snack company squeezing every drop of intense fruit flavors to fight boredom

Complete plant-rich everyday backup meal always ready on the go

A natural hand-made cosmetic brand

The world's first throwable mic

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