Visual identity and brand design guidelines for OAD, a cutting-edge architecture studio, specializing in luxury residences and commercial interiors in Barcelona, Berlin, Riga, London, and Dubai.

OAD, or Open Architecture Design, is a cutting-edge architecture studio based in Riga, led by visionary architect Zane Tetere Sulce. The studio has built a reputation for designing luxury residences and commercial interiors in some of the world's most vibrant cities, including Barcelona, Berlin, Riga, London, and Dubai.

Projects completed by OAD bring to life a beautiful fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and an unyielding spirit of exploration and daring.

The new visual identity aligns the company’s brand image to match OAD ambitions and goals.

The new visual identity combines clear and daring graphics with concise and graceful design to create a modular design system that allows the studio’s works to be highlighted in the forefront.

"I strongly believe in the beauty of simple things crafted with great care, especially in design.

I approached this partnership with confidence and an open mind, expecting attentive understanding and thoughtful responses.

The outcome is truly exceptional, a testament to the complete dedication of the team and the trust we placed in each other. This shared understanding feels truly unifying."

Zane Tetere-Sulce

Founder and Lead Architect


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