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Bring structure and consistency to your business with strategic branding to create clear, elegant, and impactful brand



Brand Assessment

Uncovering core strengths, vulnerabilities, and untapped opportunities

  • Scope & Objectives
    Defining the main objectives and scope of assessment

  • Stakeholders
    Aligning the needs, desires and goals of all the stakeholders

  • Brand Assessment & Validation
    Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of a brand's identity, positioning, messaging, visual elements, customer perception, and overall brand health to identify to identify necessary brand improvement areas and scope

  • Target Audience
    Identifying the main pains, desires, biases, and insights

  • Industry & Category
    Major challenges, issues and biases

  • Competitors & Alternatives
    Positioning landscape, problems, advantages, and messaging

  • Relevant Trends
    Relevant macro category and consumer trends


Strategic Insights

Key insights and recommended action

  • Strategic Response
    How to successfully address the identified challenges

  • Untapped Opportunities
    Biggest untapped opportunities in the target market segment

  • Positioning Trajectory
    Recommending the best brand positioning trajectory


Brand Strategy

Core building-blocks of the brand

  • Existing & Ideal Customer Profile
    Profiling the existing and the ideal target customer for a product

  • Unique Value Proposition
    Defining the distinctive benefits or advantages a product offers to its target audience, setting it apart from competitors and compelling customers to choose it

  • Competing Alternatives
    If your brand didn't exist, what would customers use?

  • Positioning
    The distinct perception of a brand relative to its competitors and alternative choices

  • Messaging
    The compelling core message around the value that sells

  • Purpose
    The reason for its existence beyond making a profit

  • Values
    Core values that shape brand's culture and DNA

  • Vision
    The future ambition worth pursuing

  • Personality
    Brand's personality and tone of voice

  • Brand Architecture
    Coherent brand structure

  • Product Portfolio Architecture
    Strategic arrangement and structure of a company's collection of products or services

  • Brand Essence
    The unique heart and soul of the brand

  • Action plan
    The next steps, priorities, and key objectives


Visual Identity System

Key elements of the visual identity that is aesthetically elegant, yet distinctive and relevant to the target audience

  • Design Strategy
    Aligning overall design direction with broader business goals to enhance user experiences, meet business objectives, and create a distinctive and meaningful brand

  • Creative Concept
    Core idea visually translated across brand materials

  • Logotype & Symbol
    Logotype and the main graphic mark variations

  • Color Palette
    Primary, secondary, and accent color palette and color combinations

  • Typography System
    Primary and secondary fonts and their variations

  • Layout System & Design Principles
    Consistent and easy-to-use design principles and layouts used in various brand materials

  • Graphic Elements
    Additional visual elements, such as patterns, textures, or graphic shapes, that contribute to the overall brand aesthetic

  • Iconography
    The use of icons or symbols that are associated with the brand, representing key products, services, brand values, etc.

  • Illustration & Imagery Style
    The overall style and approach to illustrations or brand-specific images, contributing to the overall visual tone of the brand

  • Photography Style
    The visual approach to photography associated with the brand, including the types of images used (product, people, place, etc.), the style of photography, and any specific visual themes

  • Online Presence
    Engaging and consistent brand across all online channels and touchpoints

  • Application samples
    Showcase of possible ways to apply the brand identity

  • Design Testing & Validation
    Design testing on target audience for higher product success rate


Brand Guidelines

Keeping your branding consistent and organized across different platforms and channels with simple and clear guiding principles and always up-to-date assets

  • Platform Setup
    Setting up the interactive online brand guidelines platform

  • Principles & Samples
    Defining the design principles with easy-to-understand visual samples

  • Asset Preparation
    Preparing all brand assets for easy access and daily use

  • Team Onboarding
    In person sessions, step by step how to use the interactive brand guidelines


Activation & Implementation

Maximizing your brand's impact across every touchpoint

  • Implementation Plan
    Defining the necessary communication materials and implementation timeline

  • Brand Rollout
    Defining the best approach how the brand upgrade needs to be introduced to the world with the maximal impact

  • Internal Team Onboarding
    Ensuring everyone in the team is aligned around the brand's culture and positioning

  • Communication Materials
    Creating the essential day-to-day communication materials

  • Design Templates
    Creating the essential design templates for marketing needs and effortless everyday use

  • Online & Social Media Presence
    Activating and aligning the brand communication starting from the website to all the social media channels


Quarterly Calibration & Support

Making sure your brand is always relevant and calibrated the be the best choice for your audience

  • Consistency Revision
    Assessment of brand communication across all channels and touchpoints to ensure consistency in the use of brand elements such as logos, colors, messaging, and visual identity

  • Calibration Plan
    Defining the necessary action to adapt and improve brand communication to evolving market dynamics, maintaining brand relevance, addressing emerging challenges, and ensuring consistent  alignment with internal business changes

  • Brand Guidance & Support
    Get on-demand access to the expertise for brand strategy, design, and implementation from Asketic leadership team

"Highly recommended. Team of professionals with high-quality standards. They pay attention to detail and respect deadlines; their branding strategies and designs are top quality. The project management is very supportive and without delay."

Laura Sirma

Global Brand Director
Sound ID & Sonarworks

"Professionals with the ability to listen and the talent to create impactful brand designs! It is truly a pleasure collaborating with Asketic.”

Mikus Opelts

Co-Founder, CEO

"TechChill looked for an identity that would have meaning beyond a single year. We knew who we were, but we didn't know how to communicate that visually.
Our request was simple: make it simple but not basic.
Asketic went the extra mile to understand our values and build a design identity that would communicate them while also having a distinct character."

Ernests Stals

Board member

"Asketic is the best thing that has happened to Baltic Block in recent years!

The guys don't talk too much, but get things done, and they do them thoroughly!"

Eva Skele

Head of Marketing Communications
Baltic Block

"I strongly believe in the beauty of simple things crafted with great care, especially in design.
I approached this partnership with confidence and an open mind, expecting attentive understanding and thoughtful responses.
The outcome is truly exceptional, a testament to the complete dedication of the team and the trust we placed in each other. This shared understanding feels truly unifying."

Zane Tetere-Sulce

Founder, Lead Architect

"Who hasn't been in a situation where you want to include so much in one design that it looks crazy? It's helpful to have an expert by your side who can ask the right questions, connect the dots, and reveal how to eliminate the excess."

Ieva Melbarde

Brand Communications Manager

"We had a blast revamping our brand identity with Asketic — they nailed our new logo, visual strategy and helped us understand our needs better than we could have on our own!"

Artrus Kruze

Co-Founder, CEO

"Over its 20-year history, the company faced structural uncertainties, leading to the creation of 10+ brands. To streamline for new export markets, a clear brand strategy emerged, culminating in a name change to "KRASO." This unified various brands under KRASO, with a versatile visual identity system and a revamped paint product brand. These changes not only simplified the brand portfolio but also facilitated successful expansion into new markets."

Kristians Gabalins

Chairman of the Board

"Asketic brand design studio comprises a team of dedicated, skilled, and imaginative professionals who care deeply about the work they do.
The quality of work, responsiveness, and personal attitude towards the client are exceptional. I highly recommend working with Asketic."

Ilze Veisbarde

Head of Marketing & Public Relations
Jānis Roze

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Architecture studio, specializing in luxury residences and commercial interiors

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Leading cargo pallet component manufacturer

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Pioneering audio calibration technology and hardware solution

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Category-leading real estate property listing tech company

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A historic craft brewery making a comeback

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Digital commerce agency for customized digital solutions

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100-year-old family-owned publishing and bookstore brand

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Brand upgrade for the motion-capture device designed to improve golf swing performance

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Leading painting supplier and finishing service provider in the Baltics

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The leading private equity investor in the Baltic region

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Luxury lifestyle and fashion brand upgrade

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The national public-service radio network of Latvia, broadcasting since 1925

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An independent electricity system operator in the Republic of Latvia

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The National Olympic Team of Latvia

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Minimalistic & timeless kids interior design with a playful & curious twist

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The biggest resort city on the shores of the Baltic Sea

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The multifunctional infrastructure complex for sports, culture and leisure

RIX Riga Airport brand identity

The city located in the Rēzekne River valley in the eastern Latvia, often referred to as the Heart of Latgale.

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Design bathtub and washbasin manufacturer

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A natural hand-made cosmetic brand

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The world's first throwable mic

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